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The game that mindfully shines light on your best inner qualities is finally here! The positive traits game is a therapy tool designed to help us discover the most valuable characteristics in ourselves and those around us in a fun and natural way using carefully selected photographs.

A large beautiful picture on one side and its corresponding trait on the other, these cards are perfect for identifying each others strongest and most positive inner qualities.

Discussions cards designed to help break the ice and foster positive communication between everyone in the group.  These are also useful for one-on-one counseling sessions.

At school, work or home, allow your peers to express in a fun and simple way what they appreciate about each other.

All your employees will like your next team building activity! Positive traits game is a turnkey solution that ensures that each employee is valued and positively affected. Create a climate of trust by allowing members of your team to express in a simple and fun way what they appreciate about each other.

Build students self-esteem and teach them how to express gratitude! Add the Positive Traits Game to your anti-bullying strategy. It’s the perfect proactive activity to foster a positive and kind environment.Allow each of your students to hear how great they are through the eyes of their friends.

Imagine your family members coming together, smiling at each other with kindness, hugging each other, profoundly touched when they realize how much they are loved and appreciated.Like many other families around the world, the Positive Traits Game will become your own family reunion feel good ritual.

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