Why InnerIcons?

What makes InnerIcons special? We believe the answer is our customers. That’s why we have made our entire focus on you – the counselor, the therapist, the teacher. Your style, your ideas, your creativity all packed into a wide variety of amazing activities. 

Lisa M. Castleman
Great therapeutic tool!
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"I used this for the first time today with a young client. She responded well to it and I think that it will work well for teaching mindfulness skills to all ages."
Good ideas & quality.
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"My almost 7 year old loves these. Always asks to play the cards. I play it with him and my 4 year old- they are young for most of the concepts but enjoy the little games and hopefully I can build on it as they get older!"
Katie McCord
New ideas that kids like!
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"I'm actually using the visualization and Mindfulness Practice cards in classrooms during a Mindfulness lesson. The kids really liked these ideas, and I think they'd love to play the game too if I had endless time with them."
Great for a counselors!
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"I love this product ! I use these card in group therapy activities. The patients really find these cards helpful and enjoy the activities. Some have had make copies so they could use the ideas at home with their families."
Becky Garthwaite
Great tool on the therapist tool box.
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"Played this with 8-11 year olds & they loved it! Great solutions to anxiety, stress, anger, and test anxiety. It's difficult to find games like this!"
Michelle Raiter
Michelle Raiter
Learn while having fun! Awesome mindfulness game!
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"I am a school based mental health practitioner at a K-12 school. I use this game with grades 3-12 and the kids always love it! This is the best work related purchase I have made!"
Dawn R Try
Mindfulness is a fun game
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"I like that I can use the game with my foster children anywhere."
Kelly Tiffany
Fantastic for my students!
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"Recently this year I have introduced mindfulness into my practice as a social worker. Not only in the school I work in but with in home therapy. My students and clients enjoy this game and have truly benefited from the tools provided. They have used this as a game or have looked at cards individually and utilized them. Highly recommend!!!"
Kaden Bryant
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"Works really good for games to play with patients during therapy or any kind of setting where you need to build coping skills, etc.
Rachael L. Jordan
Great purchase. Exactly what I wanted!
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"I am very pleased with this game. I used in an adult substance abuse group and it went over really well. A lot of them have issues with being in the moment and knowing how to cope appropriately. Teaching skills in a game format helped them be more accepting to learning skills as well as having fun while learning."
Becky Spiwak
Great for a Classroom!!
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"I love this game for my classroom! It's great for brain breaks and morning meetings! A great resource to pull out when you have time and incorporate social emotional learning into everyday time! Love it! Highly recommend!"

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Positive Traits Game

You asked for it so we made it! InnerIcons proudly presents our next creation. The newly released Positive Traits game!


Practice makes perfect

 We know the only way you truly understand a therapy game is by practicing them in a dynamic environments. This is why we test every game in real therapy, counseling offices and classrooms around the nation. Each one is tested by qualified experts so you can ensured of it effectiveness. 

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